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From the Tico Times: “The number of tourists who landed in January and February at the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, a short drive from popular beaches in Costa Rica’s northern Pacific province of Guanacaste, was up more than 24 percent from the same span in 2009, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT).

The Liberia airport saw 50,427 arrivals in the first two months of the year, up from 40,564 in the same period last year.”

That is pretty strong!

Thanks for your votes, everyone.  Here are the results:

1. Plaza Danta – this was actually only a close second in the votes, but I’m bumping it up to be winner because I think it is a bit more unique than Plaza del Mar.

2. Plazita Los Alemendros – a clear winner.

3. Paseo del Mar – clear winner.

4. Terrazas de Eden – tied for first – I’m giving it the nod with approval of Eden’s parents!

5. Plaza Escondida – clear winner.

6. Paseo de Los Ninos – clear winner.

7. Camino Las Catalinas – clear winner.

The voting was very helpful. Thanks to all who participated!

March 28 – the voting is now closed.  Thanks everyone!

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Just back from another incredible afternoon at Lola’s.  Makes me even more excited about opening the new Lola’s del Norte at Las Catalinas later this year.

I learned from Don and Christi that Lola’s showed up on this list of the top beach bars in the Americas at the magazine Luxury Living International.  Here is an excerpt:

“Down on Playa Avellanas in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, just a few miles down from the new J.W. Marriott, is a long and wonderful stretch of miles of undeveloped beach, with incredible surf break after surf break and the most consistent beach waves in an area that is famous for them. The only thing on the beach? Lola’s, an open air bar that is an exact replica of the one you have in your head: relaxing chairs and hammocks, palm trees and white sand, surfer girls in bikinis, amazing sunsets and ice cold beer and cocktails. Sundays are local’s day, and surfers’ fuel up before the high tide with one of Lola’s amazing fresh fruit smoothies, then veg out after their session. People of all ages come from all over, dogs too, and every sunset is a big, protracted, low-key party. Just perfect. Just don’t freak out when the giant pig the place is named after comes over to say hi.”

All true!

We had a big presentation/party here at the Yellow Fin Bar in Flamingo, Costa Rica tonight.  Tons of people including lots from the brokerage community.  It went great.  And more of a party than I could handle!

The earthwork portion of the first lots… is done!